dear bother bear..

i made something for the blog that you made.. 

also.. good on ya kid..

love and rockets..



damn if i am not missing this baybay.. the casa is too quiet.. gran and i are too sad.. and ALL the people i love are farther away than i wish.. 

maybe someday soon we can all live in wyatt's room together.. 

love and rockets.. 


john.paul.. edie.. and me..

today is (was) museum day.. in the hills.. spending time with.in and with.out travertine structures.. 

while i am sure i sound a repeat of an earlier version of myself.. someday you and i shall spend time together here.. 

love and rockets..


chop dat tree down...

Hanging out with nerds and chopping trees for free..

We traveled long and far to find the perfect trees for Christmas. There was not nearly as much as snow as I thought there'd be, but all in all a fun trip...


Space the final frontier city

Finally got the will power to finish this one! I'm super stucked on it! 

Going into it didn't think I would be able to pull it off anywhere close to what I finished with


today is for painting and drawing and writing.. and november.sunning in the o..

after turkey trotting and tarting it up on a day for which to give thanks..


i took advantage of the rare alone time with which i was blessed on the day that we yankee consumers have  lovingly called "black friday"..