today is for painting and drawing and writing.. and november.sunning in the o..

after turkey trotting and tarting it up on a day for which to give thanks..


i took advantage of the rare alone time with which i was blessed on the day that we yankee consumers have  lovingly called "black friday"..

i fed my soul..

>>with liquor: gin.and.blackberry.and.sparkling.clementine from a jar..

>>with two trips to the beach: to smoke and dribble and watch the waves and tromp in the surf in rain boots and commune with my sweet.lil.skittering.shorebirds..

(on my return from the beach.. i was stopped by a fella with an interesting need to accost moi.. apparently my doppleganger is still in the city of o.. still passing for me - prompting kids and coworkers to ask if i was in fresh'n'easy last night or jumping into a grey car at odd hours of the eve - and more importantly.. prompting a weathered man on a motorcycle to whip a u-ie in front of Ray's Mart while i was standing on the street corner speaking with you.. and demand that i return his earmuffs (!!!!).. it is likely that he wasn't entirely in tune with reality.. but, he did apologize and tell me that "damn girl, if you weren't exactly who i thought you were".. maybe it's a sign that i should stop wearing lipstick when i leave the house..)

>>with snuggling away from the rain: it poured until nearly 2 and provided ample opportunity to finish two less than "whelming" books..  (this one and this one.. please don't consider these links a recommendation to read, rather to pass them by for something that more directly piques your interest..) a better book to read (and one that i have set aside to save for a flight to okla.homie) has been this one and my little stash of helen oyeyemi books (she has very brilliantly found herself right behind murakami and oates in "my book").. i'll let you borrow 'em if you please.. 

>>with tyra banks: i watched top model whilst vaccuuming and washing dishes all morning.. she makes me batty..

>>with gift wrap: while i am not able to inundate y'all with prezzies this year (and i still haven't picked anything proper for our baybay).. being together will be the best present.. 

outside of what filled yesterday's hours..

i've been drinking my dribbling kool-aide again.. but there has been a "turn" in their execution as i've developed the poor.habit of grabbing only ONE color to tuck away in my pocket as i race out the door.. so they've turned monochromatic.. and i don't think i hate 'em.. 

also.. once upon a time (not that long ago..) you told me i should create fonts.. so in my obsession for all things type.oriented.. i bookmarked this (and maybe shared it with you once before..) but i've become enamored all over again.. PLUS the clash between why i recognize him and what he is able to create is certainly "whelming"..

and.. i'm itching for fringe.. a haircut.. i'm desperate for change.. and, as usual, i fail under the assumption that doing "something.anything" to my hair will be the impetus.. LIKELY NOT.. but.. i've found this lovely lady and wouldn't mind borrowing that "do".. it doesn't hurt that she's french..

if i were back on.the.gram.. i'm pretty sure that she and dj tanner would be ma seulement.. 

love and rockets.. 

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