safe to go outside..

a bit of a trek in a public garden.. 

i struggle with having to pay to enter.. having to pay to park.. 
perhaps that is the cost to "keep up" plants that are native and non-native but also perfect for our southern california temperaments.. 

maybe the costs incurred include the wealth of knowledge they provide on signs..

the sweet gal in the gift shop told us to visit the bamboo garden.. and i've uncovered a love for bamboo "in the wild".. the unique way he sheds his skin as he grows.. an unusual variation that is striated greens on yellow.. 

also.. the suggestive undertones of male versus female parts that grow naturally.. the way things are pollinated.. sometimes the references to plant.animal anatomy are slightly more blatantly realized.. 

hen and chicks are house leeks and medicinal.. 

see.. unintentionally phallic.. 

and.. sometimes i pretend it is colder than it is in this "tropical" place i live.. sometimes i'd rather just be in layers of vests and caps and winter boots.. sometimes pretending is for the birds.. 

and at other times.. i gravitate towards the sleek hard bodies of creatures that rumble and purr.. the allure of something shiny will catch me up every time.. 

and.. when i stumble upon growth in obscure places.. choosing to see the sign of something more significant than green in the gutter can be meaning.filled too.. right.. 

au.revoir.chickens.. i'm off to view a play.. some of my smallest chickens will display their song and dance.. and i will cheer and clap and stand in ovation..

love and rockets.. 

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