oh the places you will see..

she and i started a blog this weekend.. and she wins the "first post award"

i wanted to be a good lil "blogger" and "post" the loverly things i did this weekend within a moderate amount of time between the passing of the events and the sharing with the internets.. but i've a shoddy stolen connection to the great unknown.. and loading a single picture takes well over 30 minutes.. 

here is a bit..

this little beauty and i went for a spin..

my ever so spindly when photographed feet tromped through here.. 

i passed under this my favorite of places.. green.. intersecting lines.. if the hobo(e)s didn't live here already, i would.. the troll under the bridge..

i saw this and thought of her.. 

and everytime the pictures wouldn't load.. i perused amazon.com like it was a bedroom library built just for me.. only to stumble upon these little gems.. and by "little" i mean hamhocks for arms mc-fey.. and she is just begging to be read.. pre-order now or i will read it first and have the last laugh..  

love and rockets..

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