such a slacker

Its already been almost a week since my mum left. I was forced back into reality and am just now finding the time to tell about the rest of our adventures...

Last Wednesday we headed out to Fort Bragg. But before we got into town, we had to move a tree off Highway 1...no big deal. Once we did eventually make it into the town, we stopped at North Coast Brewery for lunch.

Lunch = Beer
After lunch we were off to discover what the town had to offer...which wasn't much. I was severely let down by Fort Bragg. I think I set my expectations way too high...that or the rain was too distracting for us to fully enjoy the area. We drove around for awhile, walked a portion of downtown, went to some thrift stores, and drove to Glass Beach. Which should be renamed, "No More Glass, Glass Beach".

And apparently in Fort Bragg they get "dru drivers" instead of drunk drivers, because on our way out of town we saw a flashing sign that read, "PORT DRU DRIVERS 911". Maybe that's why they ride these things so they won't get pulled over for dru driving...


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