bus leaves at 9:06 a.m.

After waking up at 8:36, we miraculously made it on the bus and took a trip to Eureka today. I felt like a vagabond all day as we wondered the streets of Eureka with our pack-packs on. The sun was shining, so it sort of turned into a mini-adventure instead of just an errand run to Target.

We made a stop at the library and I could not stop myself from checking out this book. I can't wait to read about her life on drugs after Full House.

We stopped and got a muffin and drank some Oregon Chai (YUM!). It would have been nice to smoke a clove to top it all off.

The day was decent, but overall it just made me want to be home, wearing shorts, sandals, possibly a tank-top, sunglasses, and playing in the sun.


p.s. where have you been gimp wrist?

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  1. ha!!! read it.. people saw me in public carrying that book around too.. don't feel so bad.. it is only because of YOUR deep mutual passion for a packed house that i even bothered..

    watch for an easter basket box with a mcfey book in it.. yee!!