wound progression..

wreck yourself.. check yourself.. drink a cup of joe before it explodes.. 

(THE best thing about medical insurance and twenty dolla co-pays.. goodie bags..)

feel free to vomit now.. 

i've grossed enough people out for the past two weeks to feel confident that posting these mutilated areas of burned meaty burger skin online won't necessarily scare away our one other reader.. enjoy.. 

i was fascinated to see them everyday.. all goobery and covered in ointment.. now they're not quite scars.. but they do turn a lovely shade of purple when it gets cold after the sun sets.. and they're each peeling again today for the third (maybe fourth time) but i'll spare you an additional set of scaley pictures.. 

i'm regretting not having named them.. i will miss them when they are gone.. 

love and rockets.. 

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  1. Whoa scandalous photos, you watch yourself. The burn on your chest looks like a wild buffalo, from behind though with him looking back at you, with his bum, two legs, and head with a little beard/goatee thing.