does anyone know what time it is..

life is almost not busy.. and i'm looking forward to having a day to myself.. because by life i mean work.. and by day.. i mean a paid holiday on the 30th.. i will do nothing and l-o-v-e it..

in the meantime.. that is not my time.. i have been able to woot for my favorite teams..

mostly by gearing up.. drinking beers.. and annoying other people..

dads.. in the ole blue and white (even though sometimes they wear brown and green).. with real fake tattoos (which warrant questions & comments in grocery stores of my hardcore fan status)

and sometimes we have really great seats and are obliged to arrive early.. but only for optimum wooting opportunities.. 


thunderup bitches.. even my bother does it.. you'd do it too if only you knew..

more to follow.. afterall my swanky cameraphonepirctureeyes have logged over 317 photographs to be shared with you.. and stories accompany them all..

ps.. speaking of pops.. how do you feel about this secret arnie family.. maybe that's the reason we liked him so much.. daddy issues.. or maybe thats just me..

love and rockets..

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