once upon a hot muggy summer time..

since you already viewed the pictures from mall king.. here are some others from my travels in an alternate dimension.. 

(a beach that isn't a beach.. luckily they had hammocks in the shade.. jet-skis on the OTHER side of the lake.. and scum on the edge of the shore..) 

(wash your face.. wash your face.. wash your face.. WASH YOUR FACE..)

(the armadillo that only i and that guy saw..)

(this is a ride.. when it's not broken.. i wish it had not been broken..)

(clearly people who put on gang symposiums do not know good eats for vegetarians.. it looked pretty.. tasted like poo.. and kind of looked like it too on the inside.. however.. this was the day that we also learned dawn was a veggie gal.. neither of us cleared our plates..)

(the cleaning lady left us a glove one morning..)

(flow rye duh sky on the way back to the airport..)

(can you see his sideburns? wish you had.. they were.. ARE.. ah-may-zing..)

(breakfast mary's.. rally..)

love and rockets..

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