good morning my lady love..

first things first..

micmacs.. ah-may-zing..
i want to speak clever little french phrases.. and wear glasses and sweater sets and have a brain for numbers.. and hold grudges that lead to revenge plots that are charming and intricate and of course turn into sly love stories.. and i want to live in the france that looks like this:

moving on..

the new tee vee show slated to host lady deschanel doesn't look completely unbearable..

but googling her.. revealed THIS little piece of absurdity.. and while it wasn't very funny.. it made me pine for her perfect hair.. and pretty skin.. 

and for a television one time a year - the time that is SHARK WEEK! (good thing Ray keeps it playing at the mart.. gives me another excuse to pursue my vices.. smigarettes.. beers.. and sharks)

my golden brother sent me links this week.. hot links.. but not sausages..
so in my growing affinity for making words turn blue on the blog.. i share them with you..

something lovely he said i should peruse.. (despite our disparaging tastes sometimes.. you might like some of it too..)

and boners number one and two.. oye!

(even though he didn't send this one.. it falls in line and is only fitting.. too bad i think the last time i heard it was for a skate video?)

in closing..

what a throw-a-way of an episode this little pet shop of horrors challenge was.. 
i have a couple of points i would like to note - and then i almost don't want to talk about prs9e2 anymore! i will promptly proceed to pop on over to the gays for their commentary.. but here is my unbiased opinion.. 

the first thing i said when they walked in was "run for the rocks and seeds.. make an interesting pattern on your muslin a la chloe dao" (so by the end of the 42 minutes i had some clear favorites - despite asking a poor girl to lay on the ground while you hot glue more seeds to her ass..)

michael kors was the king of catch phrases last night.. candy corn teeth! 


(i don't care how short it is/was.. we all know ho-die likes it short.. i only wish he had stolen those rust colored tassle shoes from old blue hair and that he had effing won!!!!)


(i did not anticipate this even making it into the top three.. don't get me wrong.. i love me some prlpmpd
<project runway's lil precious moments porcelain doll>
in addition to choosing a conventional material to create the oh-so-bulky top.. his model looks like a heifer! 

while the colors are nice and part of his palette.. the "ombre" effect was a really smart IDEA.. and her eyebrows are banging
<judges said they hated them, but i think if he hadn't have done that they wouldn't have bothered giving her a second look>

the poor girl looks like she weighs as much as i do.. and NOBODY wants to look like they weigh that much on the runway..)


bryce-y boo.. i'm gunning for you next.. mostly because the sound of your voice grates on my nerves.. 

love and rockets.. 

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