how quickly will your joy pass..

do you remember when you used to live far away from me..
and i traveled across states (2 of them) to get to you.. because i couldn't bear to be apart.. even though i was a blonde..

or do you remember the times when we lived so close we could barely function without each other.. and we had a house all of our own.. and we had adventures.. and schooling.. and sleep overs.. and dinners in our kitchen.. and dance parties on our couch.. and multiple joes.. and bike rides.. and a bunny to love.. and lots of drinks.. 

or the time you went away from me again.. and even though i came to visit and see your real life in action.. i didn't end up with any photogs of us at the same time..

well then.. 

mostly i was sad and sentimental for you today.. because i miss you to bits.. 

and just making it through the day most every day makes me sometimes forget about how proud i am of you.. that you're all grown up now.. and making big girl decisions that don't involve me.. and living a life that's taking you somewhere.. (away from me?)

mostly i love you.. always i love you..

love and rockets.. 

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