football picks this week will not be bringing me the win..

because today is such a blustery day (oye.. rain.. "winter" is on its way..) i've spent my morning as a busy little bee.. (thank god for that extra hour today.. i've used it well)

i've started and made it through an entire season of a zombie television show (recommended by a cucamonga cousin)..

i've finished a funny book.. by a funny guy.. who is also a zombie fan..

i've followed a recommendation from a lovely girl who says yes.. to visit a certain group of mums.. and then followed this tutorial.. special prezzies for friends.. nearly done.. for you, i think i'm going to attempt some sort of handle-ish-something so they can hang in one of your windows.. or from your patio.. (if you want any.. i guess..)

(my tops are still a little messy compared to the moms.. but.. i llllove these..)

i've been pining for these shoes.. AAH!.. and really wish i could justify spending that much money on something i will wear just once.. maybe all of my siblings would like to get them for me for ex-mass?? also i'm enamored of the hair on all those girls.. loverly.. 

i've found some exciting new recipes from this book and this book.. and i will gladly try them out with you in a couple of weeks.. i'll try 'em on the old lady first to make sure there is no death involved.. but yum..

speaking of the old lady.. 

she and i were drinking beers and watching football at breakwater last night.. and.. someone put the moves on her! 

he was.. borderline crazy.. with dreads in his beard.. tie dye on his back.. and one of those floppy rasta hats that covered years of unwashed hair.. so.. while he might have thought anything that had showered that day was pretty.. he choose to compliment my old lady!

(p.s. i've been trying to cut eggs from my diet - so consider yourself warned when i get to your casa.. BUT.. i made chocolate chip cookies about a week ago using a banana to substitute for eggs.. o.. m.. goodness.. from now on all cookies will be baked without eggs.. softest evah! i'll make you some of those too..)

love and rockets..

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