foxes dig up dead animals and eat them..

if you are a fan of this guy (and who knows if you are.. but you are certainly foolish not to become once you get a little taste..) who has a last name that i like to type.. ayoade.. ayoade.. ayoade.. ayoade.. ayoade.. who you may know from such exciting bbc places as this:

and this:

then you may or may not be surprised to know that he is the mastermind behind a film that is definitely in line to become my next favorite.. also.. i'm pretty sure my bother would like it..

some of the scenes are like photographic memories that you only think you are remembering and claiming as your own.. but turns out you've never owned a pair or red galoshes.. or stood on a bridge above a hole in the ocean.. 

mayhaps you should check your local redbox.. form your own opinion.. love it 
(him? ayoade.. ayoade.. ) as i do..  

i'm holding off on starting my amazon present.. only because i know that once i start reading i won't be able to stop.. and then once i reach the end i'll be sad that it's all over.. (quite honestly.. i didn't even read the flap or the cover or the "about" section online - i get off on being withholding)

in other news..

i avoided a root canal and a three hundred plus dental bill today.. bonus!
turns out it was just a regular old cavity.. the drilling was still necessary..  

love and rockets.. 

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