sometimes the old lady "drags" me along the i15..

i spied with my little eye a bumper sticker that didn't make much sense.. but elicited (sp?) a sporadic jolt of potential meanings.. my brain went teetering.. i almost wish there had been a bible verse.. or an "and i'm mormon" slogan to help clarify..  

something named glitterfest exists.. yep.. it's exactly what you think it is..

these things also happened to be at "the fest".. and we all know i have a penchant for the creepy and the disembodied.. (the baybay in the stroller is just this side of looking too realistic..) 

i bought a filing cabinet.. unlikeliest of purchases.. (unless you know me..)

also.. we made a special stop in heaven.. if you can't guess this delightful location from the photos.. clearly you didn't grow up in oklahoma with a crafty ass mum..

there were SO many people shopping for their holiday crafting goods.. that the overwhelmption kept me from truly enjoying a brand new HOBBY LOBBY within forty minutes of my california home.. SO many people.. i couldn't even focus enough to pick out a pen or notebook.. i barely even noticed the entire row of paint by numbers.. 

and.. i saw two wines that made me think of you.. does that make you the alchy.. or me.. 

love and rockets.. 

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