my "elle" horoscope this month was alarmingly moon-centric..

and because of my inability to put aside 1Q84.. and the cah.ray.see harvest moon that rose last night.. and almost the night before.. i'm having a hard time not focusing on the moon.. (also my horoscope mentioned crystallization.. planet angles.. and strokes of luck..) this could all mean something?

some other things of which to make not(e).. 

i have addictions.. one of them that i got "lost" just now and spent quite nearly an hour "browsing the webs".. i did NOT give any money to etsy or her sellers.. but i did stumble upon some things i think you might equally enjoy..

the gays have posted a sneak peek of clothing/bags i would appreciate owning.. while i am not always one to follow fashion.. i like to think i am not completely in the dark.. but i've never seen this guy's wares and i PINE FOR what should be hitting targets very soon.. 

bottom right.. in lurv.. the fun psuedo sailor dresses in reds and blues (they are just calling for boater hats).. in lurv..
the strange sheer short socks on the other hand.. not a fan..

returning to etsy.. (i visited.. i did not buy..)
this shop: thisilk has pretty girls with pretty eyeshadow and pretty hair that i only iwish i could pull off..

i mean.. c'mon..

it's too bad that marry exmass just passed.. because i found thunder themed gifts for everyone on your list.. 


thank you amazon.com..

A CUP of JO has posts for hair that i love.. and a succession of fotos of lovely ladies with lovely tattoos.. (and damn do i wish i had another effing tattoo.. ORIGINAL.. spring break?)

clearly this was a missed opportunity for us.. we didn't use it once.. even on boat hair day.. 

jeezus criste this "post" is laden down with links.. i'm beginning to think i do not have original thoughts in my brain.. ACK.. guess that's what happens when you veg out online for an hour.. 

so.. because other people have more original thoughts than i do.. i like to read: 
(especially taolin's gf/wife for life meganassboyle..)

but.. they (thoughtcatalog) have a fun resolution list.. (being that it's HAPPY NEW YEAR afterall..) that is significantly amusing.. find it here.. 

(also.. i llllllllub you.. and i'll tell you that again when i talk to you in real time..)

and last.. and most likely least.. sometimes i wish i had an iphone.. i wouldnt have more apps.. or make more fone calls.. or send more texts.. i simply think they have better flair.. dammit..

i gave you hair-dos.. after enjoying your straight across bangs and back in florida..
and though i've grown to (ha..) appreciate my long hair.. it is severely lacking in style.. so.. who should i go to for inspiration.. my favorite girl crush.. alice pee.ez..ek..ee..

what do you think..
(ps.. too bad it's been too damn warm this winter for my sweater vests.. infinite sadness over that.. BUT.. i do love the sun..)

love and rockets..

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