benefits in creating an "i trust.." list..

i will be attempting THIS in approximately 3 minutes.. how did we (read: the actual popcorn loving members of this family.. big and little edie..) not know you could do this..

also.. i really love the idea of THIS little consortium of genius.. i can't wait to start listening..

i wish that this hadn't have been in such poor shape.. and had balls.. because then i would be nearly as amazing as our baby bother.. 

pajeggings are a thing.. and no.. not just drunk girls passing out in their jeggings as pajamas.. best combo evah..

here is what i will be doing on the big vday.. martha's still got it going on.. and its basically something i've already made in the past.. this time.. with more concentrated direction as to shape.. (and when i saved the picture.. it auto saved as "crayheart" wish it was short for crazy rather than crayon..)

and.. and.. and.. i just found out where your friend found the terminology for "horses ovaries".. too bad it came as the result of watching an hour long show named the "guild".. wah wah..

love and rockets..

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