show your dads some love.. it's unofficially father's day..

big edie and i dorked out hard yesterday.. 

and while i got a picture(sssss) and a big cheesy grin in my direction.. i didn't get a signature or to hear him say my name.. alas.. i'll get some some other time.. when his bootie points in my general direction mid-game.. 

(there it is.. big cheesy grin.. his.. not mine..)

(mums are fans too..)

(better than a bobble head.. a real living buddy black..)

(lots of bats.. and orange pants.. score..)

(dug.. out..)

(a view out..)

(a view in..)

(pitching practice.. in the pen.. in action..)

(obvis.. i'd take a run on the tractors.. in my next life.. i shall be queen of the grounds crew..)

(sometimes there is red dirt in california too..)

(yup.. get some!)

love and rockets..

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