sensory overload..

taste.. feel.. smell.. sound.. sight.. 

imma post a metric shit ton of photographs because i have to play catch up right now.. so.. should you feel inclined to treat your eyes.. please follow me after the break..

in case there was ever a doubt.. i like to drink.. 
but the drinks of which i like to take fotos of tend to be in the red family.. 
fotos of beers just aren't that exciting..

(americano labeled "usa".. yep.. a non-alcholic beverage for once in my life.. big edie would be proud..)

(pre-mother's day cinco de mayo drinks.. yep.. the threefur belongs to big edie..)

(public restrooms in bar settings are often times even better than bar settings..)

i WILL be bringing my best friends to your graduation..




cute.. no? are leather shorts with granny blouses appropriate attire for a grad day extravaganza in humboldt county..

easter prezzy!!!!!

long hair.. (in someone elses home)

the most famous people i know autographed my arms last weekend.. my kids are rockstars!

UNreal day in the big sd.. sometimes i forget how pretty my city in the south is too.. 

big edie OWNS the library.. there is no one else allowed on her shelf.. 

i thought i might find you "beyond the sign".. no such luck.. 

(defying any need for further explanation..)

(this guy.. old as sin.. carrying his asian wife's purse.. some kind buck hunter camo hat.. and an "as i lay crying sweatshirt".. thank you souplantation!)  

i've been spending lots of time with deez bitches..
and they come with sooooo many instructions..

robotic boys named after animals who sing songs.. 

unattractive girls in oversized sweaters and their mother's clothes who think they are prettier than they are.. hanging out with the only boy in balboa park who actually thinks they are pretty.. 


vegas.. oye.. only one trip remaining.. 

oop.. i lied.. a beer foto snuck in.. but look.. they can be exciting.. when my alter identity is on the label!

more rockstars!

cousin's baby..

baby cousins..

(girl after my own heart.. frilly dress.. bare feet.. bike helmet.. off for a ride..)

put a bird on it.. 

so.. despite the influx of fotos on your eyes and assault to your senses.. i like to think that my absence from the giant web-o-sphere (and in turn our blog) is justification that i DO have a life.. and even though there are days that i am infinitely sad over said "life".. there have been some bright spots..

see you soon..

love and rockets.. 

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