things i lurve funday (and maybe a few things i hate for good measure)..


typing in our log-in just now i realized how apropos it is that you have claimed the name THUNDERthighs.. ps. why haven't we talked lately..

our baby..

did you get this.. i love this little fat baby..

brown schwinn..

he and i have been taking it easy on the weekends.. 


little spoon and i inadvertently got hooked into watching abdc when in las vegas.. and it blew MY mind.. too bad i have no rhythm.. as evidenced by the other dance experience in las vegas where all my angles and neurotic moves were on display..

as such.. watch these things:

(i am the least talented person i know..)

never having to go back to las vegas again.. (yee!!!!!!!)

highlights of this trip (however) were many.. 

(flowers in mgm are so fucking pretty.. and this time.. we were actually downstairs EARLY enough to see the dude that arranges them..)

(the hallway of doom.. little spoon is on her way through the shining..)

(also.. doesn't my little spooooooon look good from behind.. urgh.. so hard to stay away..)

obvis.. there are lions EVERYwhere.. and our floor this time around - tacky.. little likened all the gold and mirrors to mob boss jon gotti's shit palace..

(yep.. check out that gooey.. belly dancing lessons in dire need.. second rolls are no bueno..)

 the only time in vegas we've ever actually gotten to enjoy being pool side.. luckily i packed a suit this time around.. and.. a two hundred dollar drink bill later.. totally worth it!

as previously mentioned marrakech and belly dancing (imma take lessons.. watch me).. best meal of my life.. best wine of my life.. most laughs i've had in a loooooong time..

delishus wedding cookies - i took the last four on the plate back to my hotel room like a fat kid..

(some work got done.. poolside?? maybe..)

every meal that wasn't eaten with my co-workers was shared with the two jims.. 

and every meal was beautiful.. and (surprise surprise) as usual.. i eat more than once a day in vegas.. and come home with a big fat gooey.. but how do you not want to eat what is pictured below..

 vista house parties.. 

jello shots.. jungle juice out of starbucks cups.. graduations.. my family who aren't really family.. and pretty girls from community colleges..

where not only are you the hottest girl at the party.. every single person thinks it is their job to tell you that you are the HAWTEST girl at the party.. (aunt kelly says: "isn't it nice to leave here knowing that every single boy here wants you and you don't have to like a single one of them let alone do anything with them, validating huh?").. additionally at said party.. you are the girl who hangs out with the baybays and lets them sharpie all over your arms.. was i buzz-ing.. maybe.. 

(when told that i don't eat meat.. she turned the pepperonis into hearts so i could still enjoy the pizza!!)
puppy courtesy of nicholas.. pizzas courtesy of ciara (in case you couldn't tell)..
woah.. hairy arms.. nair much??

first.. (and so far only) dads game with my favorite club kids.. brothers who aren't my brothers but i love none the less..

we almost got to see a fight.. even the bull-pen cleared and came arunnin'.. plus dads won! hard!

my kids and co-worker(s) at a street fair in fireman gear.. braver than i.. that shit was heavy..

oh.. yeah.. and a fucking thunderup happened.. while a kings game was on.. while i was in vegas.. while i was the LOUDEST/most dancingest/most punches-throwing chick in the mgm.. 

biggest screens of my life.. wut!! (and there were like 40 of them..)

there are also a few things i hate..

kings being so ah.may.sing.. and then having two really shit goes of it..
effing lebron making it into the finals.. sheizza.. i hope he gets thunder-ed-up in the face.. 

call me you whore..

love and rockets..

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