in which big edie finds herself at a punkin' patch..

despite the number of years in this north county.. we've never ventured to the butt farm.. and on the day we did.. we found that it was nothing more than a sad field of punkin's.. nutty folks trying for impromptu seasonal foto shoots.. and rows upon rows of port.o.jons.. 

needless to say.. the edie's made the most of it..

obviously.. i gravitated toward the deforming.. mutilated.. rotting.. fly infested punkins.. AND those that looked like the gummy mouths of octogenarians.. 

the day also included apples that cost 10 bones per bag.. pies that have a famous locale.. and an over populated tourist town that was as much a zoo as the bates farm..

some might say that it is officially indian summer..

love and rockets..

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