cruizin' for a brew-zen..

beer runs are more fun (funnier?) with buddies.. because.. 

a. blackmen don't feel obliged to jump out of ally-ways and "boo" you if you are part of a twosome

b. when you fall and eat shit.. at least one person laughing at you will not be a perfect stranger..

c. if you are part of a twofor.. when you sit on a giant beach stone asana breathing yourself to a "happy place".. you look less like a cracked out zombie.. and more like two zombies.. two zombies who've shroomed the day away.. 

hint: if you are a growing young boy (of anytown).. the quickest way to get your lips on a bummed "smoke" is NOT by finding the only girl at the beach not in a bikini and calling her ma'am when addressing her with your silly questions.. (well, maybe not anytown.. maybe any-beach-town.. in order for this hint to be applicable)..

this pretty lady joined my life this weekend.. where was i before she arrived.. lost.. very very lost.. (she even looks good on the wall)..

i now think of my real life in terms of my blog.. would my only find this humorous? would she shake her head in shame? i hope both.. 

and last.. and most likely least.. if your pretty little falcon is a twinsy in shades of blue to my pretty little collegiate.. and you are moderately attractive in your wool grandpa hat.. and you offer out a cat call that is slightly endearing because it is not a whistle or "hey girl".. i will be obliged to turn back.. and smile.. but i will be entirely unable to slow my 7mph demon-like pace along the coast to turn back and acknowledge you with actual words..  

only you will get a kick out of this.. 

love and rockets..

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