first things first

...the fish hatchery of course! My Mum's in town and she loves to go to fish hatcheries. So we drove all the way out to Blue Lake (about an hour drive) to go to the best one. It didn't rain on us during the drive out there, nor did it rain when we got out of the car and started walking. But, just as soon as we got to the long troft that had all the fish in it, it started dumbing rain. We booked it over to a building that had an overhang on it to see if we could wait out the rain. We stood under there for about half an hour, but the rain never let up, just kept pouring harder.

My Mum is always lugging us around to different fish hatcheries, and I normally don't care for them. I usually drag my feet and humor my Mum while we're there. But this time I was bummed that I never got to use the five quarters in my pocket to buy some fish food. I didn't get to see the fish jump and flail about. And, yes...we were soaked for the drive home.

But at least my Mum made some tasty muffins. I don't know about muffins tasting like donuts, but at least they tasted good in my mouth and made my belly happy. More adventures with the crazy lady to come.


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