biblio - something..

libraries must hate the people who are only able to read one book at a time.. 

my librarian(s) love me.. either that or they are overly kind in their tolerance.. 

we visit every monday night.. they remember my name even though i check out books using the old lady's brary card.. we banter.. we back and forth recommend written words to each other.. we are all equally the saddest and THE greatest people on the planet.. 

as seen above.. recommendations for you, and you, and you (bear in mind i am anywhere between 56 and 229 pp into these.. so opinions may change):

Tattoos on the Heart - Greg Boyle
A Widow's Story - J.C.O.
be different - John Elder Robinson
zombiespaceshipwasteland - Patton Oswalt
Instructions - Adam Levine

love and rockets..

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