Today I did not run around my front yard looking for brightly colored eggs that hold treasures. I didn't search for any hidden chocolates that are starting to melt to the grass. I also did not sit down with family or friends to gather around a large meal that included sliced hot ham or "hot ham water" for that matter. Instead, I was a grown ass adult and washed my clothes, went grocery shopping, and cleaned my house. However, yesterday when we went for a walk and I did take some flower photographs in honor of the day today. Your flowers look much nicer than mine...but maybe that's the difference between sunny southern California and dreary northern California.

Some other photographs from the walk...

a view from the top of the world
Our Easter dinner....

Some mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, a little bit 'o olive oil and balsamic vinegar...oh yeah and some bread warmed in the oven...it's not much, but really really tasty. Besides, it's the end of the month and money is dwindling quickly, so there wasn't really the means to cook up an Easter feast for the boy and I. And on top of that this taste better in my mouth, which is what is most important, right?

Also...if you are completely unaware....OKC Thunder made it to the playoffs, and they are kicking the Nuggets booty. I've been getting pretty into the games. The next one is tomorrow night at 9:30, which means 7:30 our time. You should watch with me, or listen, or something...at least get excited with me (and brother, he's been pretty excited too).



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