weekends are better without homework..

that THIS place exists and we never made it a point to go there.. bummed..

that "the artist" formerly known as "lilo" is back to making movies, stealing shit, tweeting about her dead grandfather's birthday and going back to jail.. will she never learn..

that this little glimpse of heaven grows in front of a carl's jr.. sad.. no? 

thoughts of you..

yesterday included a trip to the c'bad flower fields.. (hence the road beers - surprised my old lady let me take it in the car..)

i never crossed the line.. but so desperately wanted photos of the other people (read tourists..) taking photos.. if i didn't weird out the fella with my first attempt.. this blog would be filled with ethnic onlookers instead..

 i sat on this bad (good!) boy.. luckily.. (like any good blogger..) i was prepared in terms of fashion for my impromptu photo shoot.. (ladies.. don't look to me for advice..) i wore my green corduroy osh-kosh-b'gosh overalls.. so fetch.. 

a few of the flowers snuck into my photos.. wish there had been more beeze..

this little old grey haired lady only wanted her photo taken among the peeze.. too bad she's such a creeper (i think the u2 tee gave it away..)

 peeze in the breeze..

i'm inclined to think the faeries live here?

yep.. you can take the girl out of the country.. but you can't take her out of the overalls and all-encompassing desire to always be sitting on large red machines with wheels bigger than she..

this is where the tomatoes live..

and to conclude a rousing day of fun in the sun (no burns for the buffalo thanks to the sunscreen i decided to wear for the FIRST time in my life).. i made big edie a delicious pre-easter supper.. noodles.. artichokes.. capers.. lemons.. big belly!

love and rockets..

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  1. Are those your feetsies in the sandals?...i wanna pair like that.