"i was thinking maybe i should go as shiny me.."

i'm not sure if you remember how funny THIS little guy is.. but i love me some white ninja.. i've been laughing since i woke up from my nap today.. (that's right ladies and gents.. i said nap.. a grown ass woman.. on a saturday afternoon.. dozing! it was lovely..)

the day started bright an early with an eight-o-clock board retreat meeting at the mission san luis rey de franca.. it was pretty and peaceful on the garden grounds in the end of summah overcast morning.. and the limey pleather chairs were straight out of the seventies.. BUT.. it was work on a saturday (which technically hasn't been that unusual for the past three to six months).. so now we understand the need for a nap.. 

following the retreat we swung.. swinged.. swang.. stopped at.. the oceanslime airport for a bbq (which i did NOT eat) and display!

and keeping in the tradition of filling our blog with shiny mechanical automated machines.. please see below for fotos of slick airplanes.. more classic cars.. AND little robotic planes that put on a show..  

(hells ya bother.. my density has brought me to you!!!!)

(watch them fly..)

(the interior of this tbird was original and bee-u-tea-full.. turquoise and cream.. oh man!)

see you next time (read: nevah..) oceanslime airport.. 

look: i was gifted more of my favorite little mushrooms this week.. dinner will be delish tonight!!

(even their lil bottoms are adorable..)

ALSO!!!! a treasure trove of "smut" awaited me at a garage sale today.. so excited for my late 50's and early 60's playboys!

one.. because the men's fashion spreads include super hott swimsuits.. leisure suits.. and poncho capes..

two.. because there are sassy nudey photos of girls with shiney hair and loooong eyelashes on porches and in cowboy hats.. (wish i had a boy to send sassy nudey photos to..)

and three.. the gender specific.. (gender biased!) advertisements for things like cigars.. martini's in a can.. electric shavers and hot combs (wuh???) are pretty damn amazing..

love and rockets..

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