something(s) else that happened..

someone who is moving to new zealand brought me lovely fruits and veggies from her garden.. 

i ate an actual meal on saturday (albeit a sandwich and a beer - surprise) at "tin leaf" in carlsbad.. where the green flecks in the table match the green chairs on the patio.. where the succulents grow in buckets near the salt and lemonade.. and where i would recommend you NEVER wear three inch heels because you will tower over the pocket people that work there and they will continue to draw attention to your "abnormal" height.. 

i pine for a new tattoo.. alphabet be damned..

someone broke glass in the alley.. and while it was shiny and pretty and made me think of dirty gutter water dresses (pr what?).. and angry drunken nights behind the industrials in oceanside with sugary drinks that give you heartburn.. it didn't photograph nearly as well as i saw it with my eyes.. 

and i watched the "fuller" version of this at a short film festival.. 

love and rockets.. 

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