eat it you stupid cow..

since google owns everything (including my soul.. my email.. and my blog) already..
i've made a (temporary?) switch to picasa for fotos..

please use the following link to view fotographias from the loud city.. and the quiet (??) one..

let me know how it works/looks to a normal observer..
before i forward to familia..

things to note:

fotos may be out of order.. (they mixed camera fone and regular camera fotos in a bizarre manner -
i'll have to readdress that after your comments.. if any)

there are drunk fotos.. (some of them better than sober fotos..
and NOT all of them taken by me.. drunk aunt d?)

there are LOTS of merryexmass/hny fotos.. lush (sp?)

we have a big baby.. but he definitely moves faster than my camera some of the time..
and other times he just sleeps.. blurry baby.. 

they might make you sad..

i miss cuzzsteve.. (he didn't end up in nearly enough of my fotos.. at least not all of him..
sassy nails made it..)

my fish is effing small.. and you caught a sail!

love and rockets..

1 comment:

  1. a. the majority of photos look good
    b. yesss we were drunk in a lot of them
    c. i don't think the order matters, didn't make a difference to me
    d. i'm tired of lookin at boat photos, just sayin...but i'm sure everyone else will enjoy them.
    e. it did make me sad, but i also equally laughed out loud just as much.