no one will ever see you the way you see yourself in the mirror..

i didn't really think i got any sun in the south.. until my shoulders started peeling today! (i think i was too distracted by the persistent itching of the bites-o-no-see-ums..)

in other news.. after weeks (well.. technically years) of not combing my hair.. my braid finally left me.. it got all ratty for a few days.. then just disappeared.. 

because of my new-found love of all things google.. i lurked myself REAL hard last night.. things i discovered:

world wide whatevs be damned.. people i stopped associating with promptly after "hitting" my twenties.. don't know how to find me.. (right column.. eleven down.. at least my name was spelled correctly.. this has to be the best news EVAH.. i always did want to just fade away..)

and.. thank buddha i canNOT be found.. i went to school with these people????????

i've also found your perfect hair-do.. effing urbs.. why their girls always got the wurst clothes and the best do's..

and in the grand tradition of other bloggers who like to round things up.. (wut the? with the year in reviews? you think we haven't read your blog for a couple of months at least and need ANOTHER reminder of how gd cute you were in june.. and the new puppy you got in november.. not to mention all those new shoes you got for exmass.. you JUST posted those fotos.. it's only january 6th.. i don't need a reminder of both the free shit you get just for being a blogger.. and the insane amounts of money you have to spend on shoes!)

so here's mine - yesterday and today.. here is what i do/done/did..


(what do you think they keep in there?)

boozin.. (with the insane warmth we've been having.. i've found my new summah drink.. vodka.. black berries juiced and pulpy.. orange jews.. that's right.. i'm over my gin kick..)

book making.. (and thank you card writing..) watch your post folks..

and basket-ballin'!

yep.. all BEEZ..

other things to look at:

love and rockets.. (but not the houston rockets.. eff those guys.. and their scummy staches..)

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