.. so you break it yourself

you brought it up..

even though i answered.. and genuinely.. it sent me spinning to find others that i like.. (but don't necessarily identify with..) i will admit that the influx of green and of orange is absolutement moi.. and kelly wearstler sure does have an eye (and shiny hair).. i'd knife someone for her sense of symmetry.. AND her room that looks like a modern forrest.. 

(i didn't link any of these to where they came from.. is that bad blogger etiquette.. can't say that i yet understand the extent of all this entails.. blogging.. disclaimer: i did not take a one of these photos.. and i don't recall where they all came from.. but damn they're pretty..)

so.. in lieu of finding them all again.. there is this LINK.. to some freaking.. fracking bee.u.ti.full benches and melting/shadowy chairs.. somedays i wish i was better at art.. or better at getting the things in my head.. out of my head.. someday..

love and rockets..

reionize.. reeyeoneye..

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