well...you know what they say...

WARNING: some of this new found information may be old news to you, but I'm just now getting excited about it...

Hi-lar-ious, genius, super cute...I just want to keep watching more, but there is only two official shorts. I watched it today for the first time and I laughed so hard I was wiping away tears at the end of the short. Watch it...even if you've already seen it, watch it again...please.

I find it interesting that you spoke of Miranda July's book in your latest post, because I recently just watched her newer movie...and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like having the opportunity to be inside her head...see the way she sees...hear how she thinks...
but the cat portions kinda creeped me out
"I wish I was one notch prettier...I'm on the edge of pretty...but, I have to convince each new person I meet..."


Dr.Dog...new album (Be the Void)...February 7th...yesss.
Andrew Bird...new album (Break it Yourself)...March 6th...yeee.
it's a two-ferrr...almost.



  1. um.. so.. while i have heard of but never watched marcell the shell.. i do listen at random EVERYday on my way to work a podcast called "comedy bang bang".. and on friday.. at random.. i chose this one..


    small world.. i really cannot get over the funky alignment of things right now.. it's tripping. me. out..

    also.. boo for seeing mj's movie before me.. but then again.. i have netflix not a redbox.. so.. there's that..

    and.. final note.. hot damn.. abird!!!!!!!!!