the things i've done this morning to put off the final stages of unpacking and uploading fotos to create a real "blog"..

(messy.. messy.. messy..)


examining the cosmos.. (wishing i could travel to there)..

planning my next excursions based on the most gaw.geous art houses that exist outside of my little teeny tiny world view in this bubble that is southern california.. TWO down.. eighteen more to go.. 

planning my SUMMAH drink..

planning my summah bike riding ward.drobe.. (ps.. finland trip.. yes please..)

getting my W.A. on.. who knew..  

lurking on da bros:
(ps.. see above for delicious white russian recipe that this one would slurp right up..)

loving me some fat bay.bay..

let's go on adventures of our own in the VERY near future.. love you dollface..

love and rockets.. 

1 comment:

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