instagramming is instant gratification for the eyes.. but i get a little camera happy and want to post lots and lots of shots in succession.. to avoid cluttering "the feed" of my fourteen followers.. i'm considering a return to our blog.. sharing the thousand words that accompany the picture is more my style anyway.. 

(which is perhaps the reason i enjoyed this article.. and the things in it that defined my own interactions with reality.. 

"Every picture you upload, every cheap memory tweeted from your friend’s backyard into digital eternity, is also tied to some tendon or ankle of hardware in a faraway warehouse that corporate security would never let you enter. This is risk. Someday these places will be destroyed — by bombs, by cranes, by floods, by history, by all the kinds of things we tend to photograph — and the images will be gone if they’re not also fastened to the world somewhere else. Perhaps you’ll care; perhaps you’re dead by then and won’t. Perhaps your children will care if they’re neurotic enough to scrutinize your history by sorting through 50 photographs from a hayride you never thought about again; perhaps they won’t."

read the entire article at the new inquiry here: http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/shoot-hip-or-die)

so.. here we go again.. thoughts to share with you.. 

something i like.. flair that serves a purpose..

something that makes me think of you.. [spendy]coats and forest frolics.. 

this lovely girl who married a bear.. because she speaks a language of mushrooms.. and wandering (despite the limitations of "space").. of living simply.. and gracefully.. and with intention.. 

this little schpeal made me delight in myself for all the offbeat things that i really truly unabashedly love.. there was even a very distinct conversation i had "at the watercooler" this week about my highschool status and eternal nerdery..

need vs. want.. i'm unsure of the origins that brought you to knowing/following this pretty lady that shares the name gifted us by our father.. but.. i am pining for something in her curated little gifting site.. and if you happened to want to give me a delayed exmass prezzy.. i would welcome this lil "want" with an arrow and a cause behind it..

and one last link for good measure.. BRAIN PICKINGS!!!!
i subscribed to their emails last year.. love them so much i chose to make a donation to their organization.. and now that my inbox is relieved of the thrice daily frippery that is forever.29.how.to.braid.your.hair.in.three.cities.and.look.good.in.a.$300.work.blazer.that.doubles.as.party.gear.. i've really relished in being able to truly delve into reading these on my sprinter "commute" to work..  
recent favorites from the "free weekly interestingness digest.include:

on to the thousand words..
(off record.. wow.. been a while since i moved the fotos of my little lumiere.. lumix.a.leica.con.. into the folders of my granny.braeburn.. some oldies but goodies..)

(the time before last.. when i was a drunky.. but
what are you doing.. 
and jeezus i love that sleevy kid.. too bad bart doesnt run bay area to sd.. or.. he and i would be inseperable..)

(missing my little dinosaur droid.. at least his weather predictions were accurate..)

(skywatching.. as ever..)

(i let a child borrow my camera eyes.. and he brought back mountains in a museum..)


(after after..)

(what i wear on sunday.. because the label told me too..)

(what sits beside my bed.. on an early morn..
remnants of a cuppa.. plus remnants of an ordinary life..)

(and.............. eternally saddened because i am unsure what to make of the symbolism involved..
the ring that wed me to my beloved is both tarnishing and turning my finger green..)

(can you see it.. appearing diseased.. and permanently scarred with a color that i'm chosing to call parisienne.. it's calling me home..)

(come with me when i leave?)

(empty page before it became your painting.. a page filled with you and tim..)

(estate sale finds..)

(gnomey the homey at his post.. guarding the entrance to the glorious hovel that houses my treasure..)

(two things i wrote down in the middle of the dark.. just after midnight on the eve of this 13 year.. i don't think they are resolutions.. but i couldn't recall writing them when i woke up to discover them the next morning ((ps.. another story for another time.. i've not been sleep walking.. but dreaming and writing and doodling in my sleepless nights..)).. i've chosen to consider them OMENS of this year..)

call me maybe.. baby..

love and rockets.. 

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