dads are bad.. but cubbies and astros are worse..

 haven't seen this in a while:

see that.. double digit ass handing to the giants.. we got to see fire shooting in the outfield.. and padres "fans" (i use that term loosely) on their feet.. a game this exciting may not soon come again.. 

round two for me and the old lady.. sunDAY game.. there's a beard down there somewhere.. 

 b.w. and baby beard (wish he could keep from crossing himself every six minutes..) not sure why they continued to put the hoodies back on in the lovely eighty degree directly sunny gorgeous day we had in petco park.. 

one row ahead of us.. we met a giant's fan who was a hot momma and tanya g's doppleganger.. 

this granny had the biggest crush on b.w.. her husband kept nudging her to go take pictures when he'd stand up.. or enter the bullpen.. and then she'd walk back to her seat all grins.. 
(if you couldn't tell.. i watched this game and cheered my guts out for the dads.. but i also spent a LOT of time people watching.. and beard gazing..)

here we go.. the man with a beard jaunts out to the mound..

too bad he started off lobbing a bunch of balls to the dads.. i questioned his closer status for only one hot minute before my camera phone was unable to take "action shots" that kept up with the b.w.'s arm.. 

VICTORY.. eh.. not for us.. 

 then.. the old lady and i.. being ultimate baseball fans.. turned into creepy stalkers and waited by the away team's bus.. i did get to see luddy drive away.. and headley (who didn't play) and hundley drive out and honk and wave to the giant's fans standing out back.. AND baybay maybin in his sporty little pimp-mobile with his hottie girlfriend.. our resident ballah from no-lina..  

plus we got tiny timmy with his giant headphones and neon board.. 

 and this guy.. eat your heart out.. 

love and rockets.. 

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